QUICK TIP: Target a Broad Audience First

QUICK TIP: Target a Broad Audience First

Wouldn’t it have been great if you could just type in your competitors Facebook page into the detailed targeting field under your Facebook Ad set level?

Unfortunately, you will find that NOT ALL Facebook pages that you search for will appear. It is Facebook’s discretion which pages to show up as targeting options (see my course on how to get other available target interest) under the detailed targeting field.

However, do not fret, If your competitor’s page does not appear, you will get cheaper engagement by targeting a BROAD audience (1,000,000+ size) to start with, then you can retarget this WARM AUDIENCE (people who like your page, go to your website, engage with your content, etc.) and/or even create a LOOKALIKE audience for future ads… so don’t worry if your competitor’s page doesn’t appear under Detailed Targeting! Create your OWN audience and target them like you know them !!!

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