Facebook Ad Strategy

Facebook Ad Strategy

In simple terms, your Advertising Goal should be what you hope your ads will accomplish.
In order to create an Advertising Objective, you must first refer to your organisations’ goals.

Some practical goals for your organisation could be:
Growing your audience
Driving traffic to your website
Increasing video views e.t.c.

Next, decide who is your target audience. Think through the following:
Who are you trying to reach with your ad?
Where is her target audience located?
What age range are you hoping to reach?
What are some other organisations providing similar services?

After deciding who your target audience is, you need to decide on your budget.
Budget: How much do you want to spend on your ads with a daily or lifetime budget?
Ad Spend: How much can you dedicate to your ad spend?

NB: Every organisation is different, so it’s helpful to have the goal you want in mind first. Then, you can think about what you are comfortable spending daily and for the entire campaign.

Designing your creative is the final step of building your strategy.
We consider this area to be captured under the word of “Creative”, and it includes:

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