How to Reuse a Deleted Facebook Campaign

Mastering Facebook Marketing: Strategies for Optimal Online Engagement

How to Reuse a Deleted Facebook Campaign

Problem Solved! In this video, I show you how to bring back a deleted Facebook campaign with all the interactions still attached.

It isn’t the same as your original ads, duplicating deleted AdSets and ads on Facebook in this sense is relatively easy. Matching up the data for reporting isn’t too difficult either.

The major disadvantage is losing any of the momentum the existing ads had that were performing well, unfortunately you don’t automatically get that back. Facebook will go back into a learning phase again as it tries to optimize what it sees as brand new ads.

PS: Engagement campaign objective is for post/ad interactions (likes, comments, shares), Traffic objective is to drive traffic to a website, landing page e.t.c.. I kinda made reference to the wrong objective in the video.. 🤣

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