About Broad Targeting

About Broad Targeting

There are two general approaches you can take to creating a target audience: specific and broad.

Neither type of targeting is inherently superior to the other, and it’s almost impossible to not incorporate elements of both into a given ad set. The approach you choose depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what resources you have available.


Targeting broadly

Targeting broadly essentially means that you’re mostly relying Facebook’s delivery system to find the best people to show your ad to. This approach can lead to Facebook finding potential customers you never would’ve known about otherwise. Even though you still have to use at least a few basic targeting parameters, it’s a good approach if you’re not sure who you want to target.

If you target broadly and then check Audience Insights or ads reporting, you can learn more about the types of people Facebook found for you and how they reacted to your ads.

For example, a business running a large-scale brand awareness campaign may want to target broadly. It could target their ads to people 18-65 years old in Lagos.

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