Find high-quality leads on Facebook

Find high-quality leads on Facebook

With Facebook lead ads, potential customers can become high-quality leads for your business without ever leaving the app. Lead ads will show an Instant Form in Facebook or Instagram that makes it easy for people to share information and connect with your business.

How to optimise your lead ads:

Create a Relevant Ad
Include messaging that sets clear expectations about signing up for a newsletter or becoming a lead once they click on your ad.

Offer Something Special
Highlight special offers or coupons in your ad to help generate interest in your product or service.

Use a Custom Audience
Create a Custom Audience by uploading your customer list to Facebook, targeting people who have visited your business website or selecting people who already became leads.

Lead ads can help you find new customers, grow your subscriber base or generate interest in your business. Reach people most likely to become high-quality leads today.

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